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Note: this is an article about a website that cannot be brought up on this wiki. If you'd like to go to the Wiiviewer's YouTube Channel, click here.

The Wiiviewr's Channel is the official YouTube user channel of the Wiiviewer. Although Wiiviewer videos can be found on YouTube itself, the official Channel contains links to the Wiiviewer's Twitter page as well as the Wiiviewer UNCUT section, featuring add-ins and deleted scenes from the videos. The Channel features Channel comments, information about the Wiiviewer, and recent video lists to the right, with the most recent additions at the top.

Also on the Channel are clues to the Wiiviewer's next review video. These are typically pretty easy clues, but some of them are trickier to figure out than others.

The Wiiviewer UNCUT[]

The Wiiviewer UNCUT is a section on the Wiiviewer's Channel containing what is essentially "Bonus Material" by the Wiiviewer, with things like deleted scenes, full versions of reviews, etc.