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The Wiiviewer, star of Wiiviewer Video Reviews.

The Wiiviewer is the creator and main star of Wiiviewer Video Reviews. According to information sites on the Wiiviewer, he and his two sons live in San Diego, California, and have a mail address in La Mesa, California.

Personal Life[]

The Wiiviewer, as stated previously, lives in San Diego, California with his two sons, known in this context as the Lilwiiviewer and the Littlestwiiviewer. The Wiiviewer, according the Wiiviewer's Channel, is 36 years old, however this may be false if the page has not been updated since.

The Wiiviewer has said that he currently owns about 100 Wii games.

Personality and traits (in the videos)[]

The Wiiviewer's personality is nothing short of "plucky;" he is often acting out for fun and is making wisecracks about features in a game. For example, he's shown this by humming along to dungeon music in The Legend of Zelda and by making fun of plots, like when he pointed out the ridiculousness of the plot in Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for WiiWare, saying that it was more trouble than was sensible for Dr. Eggman to turn animals into robots to attack Sonic, who they shouldn't even have been attacking anyway. He went on to say that they should be attacking Eggman, because he was the villain in the situation and Sonic was doing nothing more than simply to liberate them from their situation.

The Wiiviewer can sometimes be very critical of bad games, especially with games like Ninja Bread Man, Yamaha Supercross, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, and especially Wii Play.

Despite this, the Wiiviewer can aptly be descibed as "the funny one" of the group, and is the definite leader and fatherly figure in the series.

Video Style[]

The Wiiviewer has constantly reinforced his policy of only reviewing Wii, WiiWare, and Virtual Console games. However, he does Wii games far more often than the latter two, as, like he also says typically, WiiWare and VC games cannot be rented, only downloaded.

He has also said that he enjoys adding a more unique nature to his reviews by trying to give ones for less well-known games. He does do larger titles now and then, mind you, but part of his project is to try to provide awareness of games which usually can't be found with any other reviewers.