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This is the box art for Super Mario Galaxy, the Wiiviewer's 100th video, as well as his 10-minute Christmas special.

Super Mario Galaxy is a 2007 3-D platformer, the third of that genre in the Mario series, and it is one of the most popular games of the Nintendo and Mario games of all time.

The Wiiviewer, Lilwiiviewer, and Littlestwiiviewer all reviewed this game as a Christmas special, and it is also the 100th video by Wiiviewer Video Reviews.

The Wiiviewer started off by saying that he was doing the game out of popular request, but wondered why this was so, because there was no way he could give a bad review for the game. Therefore, he covered all the problems he could possibly find with the game. Here are each of the 7 problems in order of mention:

  1. Stars Again?
  2. FUEL for the SHIP?
  3. HIDING Stars?
  4. Gravity
  5. Bowser, the rich genius!
  6. A dark story.
  7. The Red Star!

In between description of the problems, the reviewers would discuss different points about the game, like graphics, gameplay, etc.

All three of the reviewers definitely agreed that the game was worth a buy, and the Wiiviewer even said that it was the best Mario game of all time, with Super Mario 64 at a close second.

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