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The Littlestwiiviewer is the youngest of the Wiiviewer group, and appears 3rd most of the characters in the series. This is said to be because the Littlestwiiviewer is a bit more shy than the Lilwiiviewer, and as such decides to appear in fewer videos. However, he has appeared in more videos lately and is often doing combination reviews with the Wiiviewer and Lilwiiviewer.

Personality (in the videos)[]

As previously stated, the Littlestwiiviewer is a bit shy and doesn't appear in quite as many videos as his brother. However, he typically helps review and has a system of giving opinions that is similar to that of the Lilwiiviewer. He'll often say whether he agrees or disagrees, and then comments on what he does or doesn't like.

The Littlestwiiviewer is also said to enjoy pet games, such as those involving dogs and cats, although he's said before that he prefers dogs. This is also demonstrated by his appearances in games of the genre.


  • According to the Wiiviewer FAQ, the Lilwiiviewer is 3 years older than the Littlestwiiviewer. This FAQ also has on it that the two are 11 and 8, but the FAQ is not really updated much, so they are likely a year or two older by now.